Ny times the demise of dating

Remember how women inherently love romantic comedies?Not on Twitter, where they’re counseled to never “tweet about love songs or chick flicks,” but instead to project an interest in “politics, sports, and the world in general” (even though we know women can't actually be interested in those things! Under the Rules, even the fun aspects of online culture are reserved just for husband-hunting.Perform the dance correctly, the book promised, and a woman could find a husband.(Who that husband ended up being was always a secondary concern).The book’s strategy of “playing hard to get” required women to be outwardly passive, emotionally distant, and perfectly polished, while secretly rearranging their lives and personalities to always play by the rules.The key is to always “make him think you’re busy and running around,” even if you’re not.I didn't need to; I already knew the people I was becoming romantically involved with and knew we were good matches. Kathleen Bogle's quote -- ''Now we've lost that ability -- the ability to just ask someone out and get to know them'' -- when I've found myself thinking just the opposite.Wasn't it sad that men and women couldn't get to know one another outside of the formal context set up solely to lead people to marriage? And I am quite pleased with my dateless relationships. 16, 2008 To the Editor: I was disappointed to read ''The Demise of Dating.'' From using worn-out stereotypes best left to women's magazines to the assumption that by engaging in hookups young people therefore no longer have the skills or the desire to get to know their peers, this latest effort to understand hookup culture brings little nuance to the discussion. Blow's 30-year-old age barrier and recently married, my experience with this world is not such a distant memory.

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To the Editor: Re ''The Demise of Dating,'' by Charles M. 13): While ''hooking up'' and its implicit sexuality do not seem like the ideal way to start a relationship, it still sounds better than what I recall about dating.

Technology has only accelerated courtship’s “confusion” because it offers so many opportunities for men and women alike to project their individuality and to explore relationships with each other that end short of marriage.

Sometimes your Words With Friends partner is just that.

, the dating handbook produced by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider that claimed to instruct women on how to navigate new technologies (Should I leave him a voicemail?

) in another time of great social change (the '90s).

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